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How to Deal with Loss; a Lesson from a Kid-


We have been dealing with impending loss for a while now.  It’s gotten real of late.  The months have dwindled to days, and the inevitable seems upon us, but it’s not.  We have a 19 and 3/4 year old cat, Indy, who is literally a shell of his former self.  This was a spry 14-pound cat that could reach a feather at the top of a door casing (~7 ft high).  This 14 pound cat is nothing but bones and weighs in at a paltry 5 lbs now.  We’ve been saying he’s on his last days for 500 days or so, but he keeps trudging on.  The cat who could leap higher than my head had problems transitioning from tile to wood.  But this is not why I write.

Categorize this as burying the lead, because the story here is not that we are losing a loved one, but how our loved one is handling it.  Jack is not yet 10.  We’ve been hinting to him that Indy’s days are numbered.  Rhonda’s mom came over today, and we kinda’ said that you probably should say your “goodbyes” to the old guy (the cat, not me).  I said the same thing to Jack at the end of tonight, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen as much reverence from anyone, much less a 9-year-old.  It was truly sweet to see him hug and pet Indy, tearing up as he looked into his hazy eyes for some confirmation.  He got his phone and took some pictures, and it brought me to tears seeing him honor this old soul so much.  This cat was lucky to have a boy like Jack.  Jack has always been good to the critters who have lived in our house and he’s no less good in death.

Indy is not yet gone yet, but he will be soon.  We won’t soon forget him, but I will never forget how my boy handled it.  It’s truly endearing to see the sweetness of soul, especially when your had a hand in creating it.  My tears of sadness swim with the tears of pride for this wonderful boy.

R.I.P. Indy, and thank you Jack for being an example of compassion to us all.Indy 032716 (4) Indy 032716 Cropped Indy 032716 Cropped2 Indy 032716 Cropped

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