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Ultraluxe – You Dig it The Most


One of my favorite scenes in my favorite movie is when Vincent (Travolta’s character) tells Jules (Samuel L. Jackson’s character) about the nuances of Europe, namely “you can buy beer in a movie theatre.”

I’m here to tell you first hand that buying beer in a movie theatre is the single most significant happening to happen to film since sound.  I’m not sure if I’ve told you TheBushReportians, but I led a charmed life before.  I worked in a capacity with a company that had me going to movie/press screeners and premieres so often that I got bored with it.  The one thing that was constant was they would serve you food and drink before the movies.  Let’s just say that after a few Amstel Lights, Charlie’s Angels was one the best movies I’d seen all year.  We saw Our Idiot Brother, and after a couple IPAs, I was moved to tears by Paul Rudd’s performance.

Now, here’s the rub.  Ultraluxe theaters at the Gardenwalk in Anaheim… wait for it… sells beer in their theater.  Not just any beer either.  They had a Stone IPA, an Arrogant Bastard Ale and some other quite potent potables.

Too boot, their theatres are all digital.  That’s something you’d think all theaters would be at this point, but not so much.  Don’t listen to film auture posers who tell you that film is the only medium. It’s the old medium.  Digital is the way to go for a consistent, crisp picture that doesn’t degrade over time.

Ultraluxe is also home to the only D-Box theatre seats in Orange county.  D-Box seats are motion coded to the scene you’re watching (English please?).  The seats move with your film and sound emanates from beneath you.  Let’s just say if you were to see the shoot-out scene in Heat in a D-Box seatyou might need a motion sickness bag.  The movements are actually pretty subtle, and you can control the intensity with settings on the armrest, but after watching a scene with it, the same movie seems rather hollow without it. It’s an $8 premium, but you get an assigned seat which,  motion aside, almost makes it worth it.

So that’s my pitch for Ultralux.  They have great, all digital theaters and are the Orange county exclusive theater for D-Box.  Sure, all their seats are comfy, they validate parking, and the staff is nice as kittens, but the real reason to go is “you can buy beer” in thier movie theater.

You heard it here first… Now, does anybody know where I can get a Big Kahuna burger?


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