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Lakers Myopia


Myopia… It’s not just a disease of the eyes.  It’s a fancy way to say you can’t see the big picture.  Laker fans, I’d like you to take a macro view of the situation.  Macro is just a fancy way to say “big picture.”  This is not Alcoholics Anonymous.  It is not “one day at a time.”  This is about the whole, or as they say in the liberal arts, “the Gestalt“… a fancy way to say that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

File:Kobe Trophy Parade.jpgWhat am I getting at?  Well, the Lakers were in this exact situation last year.  In 2010, the OKC Thunder took the Lakers to 2-2, only to get rocked in game 6.  Two years ago, the Lakers went to 7 games in the first round against a Houston Rockets squad led by Shane Battier.  We’ve been here before, and we’ve prevailed.

The Western Conference is strong as always.  The East is tougher than it’s been in decades.  Don’t look at one flailing “soccer play” by Pau Gasol and think it summarizes the Lakers.  It doesn’t.  The Lakers are stronger than they’ve ever been.  Lamar is a better player than he’s ever been in purple in gold or any other color.  This year we have Artest AND Arizza (OK, it’s Barnes, but there’s not much dropoff from Trevor).  We have a “healthy” Bynum and a backup point guard that knows and plays the triangle.

This is the same script as the first two.  Don’t worry.  The Lakers are the heros, and they’ll leave with the prettiest girl in the room.  It’s just odd that her name will be Larry O’Brien.

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