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The McCourt of Public Opinion


*Repost given breaking news “Baseball Takes Over Control of Los Angeles Dodgers

This is my official plea.  I want Mark Cuban to buy the Dodgers.

Los Angeles Superior Court Comissioner Scott Gordon suggested that the McCourts sell the team in an attempt to settle their divorce dispute.  I’m not sure who’s at fault, and I’m not a huge fan of the parking lot attendant, but have you seen Mrs. McCourt?  She definely doesn’t look like some rich guy’s wife. She requested $1,000,000 per month in alimony.  Come on, who can survive in Los Angeles on less than $12 million per year?  I think the creatures on “Alien vols. 1-3” are more sympathetic than her… and perhaps, a little better looking.   

He’s not so compelling of a case himself.  Frank McCourt is noted as saying “Why would I spend $150 million to win 98 games when I can spend half that to win 90, if that’s all it takes to make the playoffs in our division?”

Cuban would say, why wouldn’t I spend $150 million if it got me home-field throughout the playoffs?

Mark, this is my love letter to you.  I want you.  You are beautiful.  The way you incur NBA fine money and spend in free agency is truly sexy.  You are a fool, but you are a fool for love.  Besides, the MLB commissioner is just a shell of the NBA’s David Stern.  Your antics would go almost un-noticed.  Come to L.A. and spread that foolish love.  Preserve what the Dodgers are all about, but infuse your crazy, infectious energy into them… and by energy, I mean free-agency cash.

Mark, you were thwarted in your bid for the Cubs, even though your bid was the highest.  But in true bachelor fashion, this time around you are the McCourter; you are the bachelor.  Please choose L.A.  I know you have the Texas Rangers with their insolvency.  They may look like the hot pick sitting in first place, but they are not your best option.  Heck, even GW Bush divested in them.

So do the prudent thing.  Do the right thing.  Do the L.A. thang and buy the Dodgers.

But if you marry, just make sure you sign a pre-nup… We don’t want any chick crazier than you coming along and screwing it up.

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