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An Open Letter to the Lakers


Dear Lakers,

If you don’t care, why should I?  Collectively, you have done nothing to inspire greatness.  You are a dichotomy of a team.  You lose five-straight, win 16 of 17, then lose five more.  Your lackluster play led to an injury that could prove devastating to The Lakers’ and Phil Jackson’s legacy.  Instead of resting the stars for the playoffs, you’ve got Bynum out there against a depleted (read: rested) Spurs team.  Drew has now “hyper-extended” his knee and is out for the rest of the game.  I saw the play.  His knee did not hyper extend it; it moved laterally.  My guess is, after tomorrow’s MRI, the “game” in the sentence above will be changed to “season.”

It’s really off-putting that effort is the problem in the Lakers demise.  When someone quits on me, it makes me want to do the same.  When a team does it, it makes me feel foolish for ever devoting the time to an entity I’ve got no attachment to other than proximity.

It bothers me that I’ve watched every Lakers game this season.  That’ll equate to 246 hours just for the regular season.  I’ve dedicated 10-days to this team and they can’t bust their ass for the last week of the season.

Know this:  I have one foot out the door.  If you fizzle in the playoffs and then decide to take a season off due to a lockout during the biggest economic  depression in the I’ll ever see in my lifetime, don’t be surprised if I don’t come running back.

Sports are supposed to be an escape.  When the team I follow phones it it, it just reminds me what spoiled, truculent children the lot of you are.

“For better or worse” is for marriage, and I’m not married to this team or this league.  You may call me fickle, and you may question my fandom, but I learned many years ago that the concept of loyalty is one lost on this country.  Companies, by and large, do not honor it.  Sports teams make business decisions independent of their fans.  Why should we stay loyal?  I’ve yet to see one royalty check from the Lakers or any other franchise.

I’ll revise my opening salvo.  If you don’t care, I won’t.


Laker fan

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  1. steve permalink
    04/13/2011 7:18 am

    I suppose you have dropped the Rams as well?
    You keep amazing me Mr Bush with your wise words and btw……you’ll also be able to get rid of that personalized Lakers license plate that you pay a premium for.

    • 04/13/2011 7:57 am

      Steve… I harbor a dark secret. I was a Raiders fan. I dropped that habit like a nun on the run. I used to smoke and then went cold turkey… and as you know, I was born a poor, black child. People can change…

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