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The Crying Game


Lebron and his South Beach talents have shed some tears over the last few weeks.  The team is on a 5-game slide, and the news doesn’t get any better for them.

Today, they host the Lakers, winners of 8-straight, and a team with a vendetta from their Christmas day ass-whooping they endured at the hands and feet of the Miami’s “big 3.”

This, however, is probably the best thing that could happen to that team, and more pointedly, Lebron James.   This series of challenging losses has to be a culture shock for Lebron.  People have questioned his “decision-making” before.  People have also questioned his character.  They questioned his resolve, but they have never questioned his “talents.”

This losing streak has to make Lebron question himself.  The kid has been doted on for the better part of two decades, so this may be the first time he’s ever had to do some introspection.  When coaches, fans and hangers-on tell you nothing but good for all your life, it must be difficult to realize that you may need to work on yourself.

The one thing that could almost make Miami and Lebron sympathetic is the humbling that they have had to endure.  So while they could win tonight against the Lakers, this couch-potato-turned-therapist thinks that in the long-term, they need to be broken down more completely before they will ever be able to be rebuilt.

So here’s hoping that the Heat cry for at least one more game.  Lebron: Take your ass-whooping like a man tonight, and shed your tears like Dick Vermeil in a post-game press conference… one day, you’ll thank the Lakers for it.

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  1. 03/11/2011 9:56 am

    Damn you Miami. I hope we play you four more times this year.

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