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Forty is a cusp word…


Originally published on OCFamily on 1/18/11.

The cusp is often associated with the signs of the Zodiac.  We all had a scare with the thought that our birth sign may have changed with the discovery of a new Zodiac No. 13, Ophiuchus.

I am on the cusp of something much more daunting: Forty.  It’s the dawn of a new age for this Aquarian.  And though this soon-to-be forty-year-old is no virgin, it is still a milestone of great significance.

Today, I shaved my sideburns a little bit higher because the gray is starting to show there.  But what does it really mean?  Does it me I can’t wear True Religion jeans without inviting ridicule?  Does it mean I finally need to grow up and quick snickering when someone says “duty?”   Clearly, I’m quite nonplussed as to how to deal with it.

In all actuality, this most recent stage of my life has mostly been defined as “dad,” and my little parent-ee, Jack, knows no age but his own.  Well, I take that back.  On a recent “Dad’s day” project at his preschool, he listed my age as “28-years-old.”  So I’ll tell myself, if it doesn’t matter to him, why should it matter to me?  After all, it’s just a number… but this one is a big one.  A big, fat four followed by an equally doughy zero.

It is a large number in both the figurative and literal senses.  If I’m to believe the actuary charts, I’m more than half dead.  My midlife crisis may have come and gone, and I didn’t get so much as a Corvette.  So, yes, my next birthday may come with some strife.

In fact, I just may have to celebrate with something half my age to get me through this wayward waypost.  A little thing that’s sweet and mellow.  A medium-long, peppery honey  with a hint of smoke.  I’m speaking of a cask-aged bottle of Scotch, of course…

Why, what were you thinking?

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  1. Michelle Quinn permalink
    02/18/2011 5:47 pm

    Aww Steve, you’ll always be young no matter how old you are. Age can’t take away that devilish grin or your crazy 12 year old sense of humor that we all know and love about you. LOL. Besides, men don’t age, they just get better. Don’t shave your sideburns because there is a little gray. Men can get away with that. Us Class of 1989 women, However… Ugh! That’s another story! LOL.

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