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The Ghost Post


It’s a rare, but extrodinary, phenomenon. It’s called the “ghost post.” It’s when a friend’s racy Facebook post or psycho rant appears and subsequently disappears from your timeline.

It’s a beautiful thing, but it’s fleeting. Trying to capture it is like trying hold a rainbow. It is for that very reason that I am creating a new Facebook application that will do that dirty work for you. It is called WURT or What You Really Think.

Get a little salty on a post and have a change of heart? Too bad, WURT knows. Have a late-night drunken rant and want to retract it the morning after? Sorry. Your instability is there for all to see. Did your mom just join Facebook and you need to pull down your slutty party photos? Better ignore mommy’s friend request, because those duck-face photos will live in perpetuity now.

If you have a ghost post problem, perhaps it’s time that you replace the filter in your brain. If your temporary post is a cathartic experience, get a journal. If you have frustrations with boyfriends, wives, jobs, perhaps get a hobby. Because WURT is about accountability.

Words are not temporary; they are everlong. So if you say it or you type it, we’ll know it. With WURT, facebook posts are as permanent as tattoos, so you better think it through. It is for this very reason that I have chosen not to post stuff like this:

If my wife ever leaves me, I hope it’s for someone who beats her.


In honor of Black History Month, I will henceforth speak “Jive” in the Month of February.

You just can’t post stuff like that in this politically correct era. People may not get your humor. You may offend people, or you may just show that you have the emotional maturity of a third grader. Worse yet is that you post it, and then you backpedal like an NFL cornerback, indicating you have a gross lack of restraint or, even worse, conviction. Being a grown up is hard. So please, post your thoughts, your fears, your jokes and frustrations. Just don’t try to take them back, because we know What U Really Think..

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  1. Steve permalink
    02/03/2011 9:19 pm

    That is not a retroactive app is it? Ok good, I’ll try to be better from this typing forward

  2. 02/05/2011 12:22 pm

    Great post. Just don’t delete it. 🙂


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