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Cue the crazies


Cue Crazy, the Gnarls Barkley track.  Pull the lights up, and enter crazy bachelorettes stage left… and action.

Yes, the theme of the night was CRAZY.  There two licensed therapists on the show, Dr. Drew being one of them.  One of the stars of crazy is Michelle, who randomly woke up with a black eye.  That, in and of itself, is crazy.  Then she goes all Jersey Shore with her inappropriately crazy fist pumping in the video below.

The other bonkers bachelorette claims she can’t deal with the fear and anxiety, meanwhile she’s pounding pinot noir in a hot tub.  Subsequently, she sneaks away and ‘eyes’drops on the Bachelor and another contestant locking lips.  When they turn around, she’s standing there crazily, like the last shot in the movie Sleepaway Camp.

Wanna’ know the craziest thing about it all?  He kept them both. With decisions like that Brad, it’s no wonder ABC picked your crazy ass again.

Crazy chicks, crazy bachelor, crazy show, and crazy that I’m actually watching it.  Crazier still, I’m writing about it.  So who is the crazy one after all?

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