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The fangs are out


Aww, man.  The Bachelor actually had some sweet moments tonight, like when all the girls in the living room teared up hearing Emily’s tragic story.  And Brad seems way less douchey this week.  Tonight’s installment was all about dads who had passed and plane-crashed husbands.  The whole theme of the evening was opening up, and unfortunately, not the “fantasy suite” kind.

THE BACHELOR - "Episode 1501" - In "Episode 1501," Brad returns to the Malibu mansion, but is caught completely off guard when Chris Harrison escorts in two surprise guests - DeAnna and Jenni! As if he weren't anxious enough, Brad must face the two women he scorned three years ago. He attempts to sincerely apologize to them, but will they accept his heartfelt mea culpa? The 30 women are not sure whom they're going to meet, and there is no telling how they'll react when they find out who the controversial man is. Brad knows he has a lot to prove, and his worst fears are confirmed when the first bachelorette greets him with a slap to the face. Many of the women question Brad's intentions, but things lighten up when one emotional bachelorette jumps into his arms, and then a fun-loving nanny playfully grabs his rear end, when "The Bachelor" premieres MONDAY, JANUARY 3 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/RICK ROWELL)MADISON, BRAD WOMACK

I don’t watch the show for sentimental reasons.  I watch it for the “mental” reasons, as in that Michelle girl is totally mental (she is).  There’s also the dentist girl who is unraveling faster than a roll of toilet paper down a hill.  She wanted to leave tonight, but bad Brad roped her back in with his likely herpes laden lips.  She is definitely going to need some Novocaine for her soul after Brad rips it out; her “crazy” was previewed on the epilog.

SPOILER ALERT:  We lost 3 blondes and two fangs tonight.  But the good news is Brad kept the crazy one, and ABC wouldn’t have it any other way.  How else can they make the show interesting if they don’t keep the delusionally self-unaware hair jockey around.  The other girls in the house are actually afraid of her.  I’m pretty sure they would think it in character if she went all shower-scene Psycho on one of the other girls who dare steal “her man.”

So while the fangs were gone this week, the claws look like they’re coming out in next week.

Previous picks, Ash and Em are going strong, and the Shanwntel/Chantal duo made strides this week.

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  1. Michelle permalink
    01/19/2011 11:54 am

    Nicely covered! I am, however, having issues with the fact that ABC keeps picking crazy psychos named Michelle. How about a nice, nutty “Jenna” or “Hillary”?

    Next question: Does this guy Brad even HAVE a personality? I have not seen him crack a joke, make an astute observation, tell a personal story, or have an opinion/preference on ANYthing. There seems to be nothing there, except what a therapist has told him is there. Food for thought….

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