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Lakers need redemption… again.


Lakers were ballers scorned after the 2008 NBA finals that had them pissing away a 24-point lead to the Celtics in game 4 like it was a pitcher of Coors Light, then laying down like Pergo in game 6.  They earned their redemption in game 7 of last years finals, waxing the the cocky Cockneys (Paddys), making up the 13-point half-time deficit.

Tonight, they need redemption again.  They play the league-leading San Antonio Spurs at 5:30 p.m. PT, and they need to get on that Texas horse after leaving the lumps of Heated coal in our Christmas stockings.  The Lakers need this game.  They need to prove that they are still the two-time reigning champs.

Knocking off Popovich’s players would send just that message.

But just in case they don’t, don’t worry L.A. fans; we may just be able to find redemption under a skirt, or 24 of them more accurately.

We still have the Laker Girls.


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