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Heat Check


The irony of the of the “Lebron Rise” Nike commercial is thick enough to eat with your fingers; the Miami Heat are on a free fall.  They’re just 1-3 in their last four, they’re perched 5th in the East.

Both Bosh and LeBron say they “They’re thinking too much.  They just have to play.”  Well, if you believe LeBron’s commercial where James poses interrogatives and suppositions “What should I do?,” and  “should I be who you want me to be?” you see a book-clad James.  You get the idea he is a thinker.  My guess is he never so much as cracked a book in high school.  He didn’t have to.

If he listens to Miami Vice alum Don Johnson from his sneaker pimp show (“You just gotta’ deal with the Heat man.  Be patient. After a while, the temperature drops and everything is free and easy”), all this will pass.  My take is quite different:  This situation is like Kobe on a fast break; It ain’t passing.

There’re problems in South Beach.  Who would have predicted that?  There’re a few people in Cleveland who would have.  You only need to see the “Rise reprise” to know that.

So, I have a few answers for you Lebron.  “Should I admit that I made mistakes?” Yes. “Should I really believe I ruined my legacy?” Yes. “Should I have my (Cleveland) tattoo removed? No.  You should keep it as a reminder or question 1. “Should I tell you ‘I am not a role model?'” No.  You should be a role model. “Should I stop listening to my friends?” Yes.  They’re not friends. They’re hangers-on. There’s one more question you should ask of the Cleveland faithful, “where should I go?”

Pose that, and you might just get an answer.

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  1. Jenelyn Russo permalink
    11/23/2010 6:13 pm

    “We wanted you to be who you said you’d be”. I thought it was brilliant. (Who made that video response?) And I agree with your answers to the questions. Where will he go? Not back to Cleveland, that’s for sure.

    • 11/23/2010 6:16 pm

      Yeah, whomever produced the rebuttal should get a Pulitzer. That was brilliant. And fore the suggested question, the answer I was getting at was “go to hell.”

      • Jenelyn Russo permalink
        11/23/2010 6:20 pm

        Yep. Agreed.


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