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It Ain’t Like You Can Un-suck


To make a point, a friend of mine recently reminded me of when Danny Bonaduce beat up that dyslexic transvestite, pointing out afterward what he said afterward to the PoPo (police)?

“Sure, it apologized to me—but it ain’t like it could unduck my sick!”

(some consonants were swapped to protect virgin ears).

As crass as it is, it is mostly true.  Sometimes, you can’t unsay or undo things.  Hugh Grant is one of the biggest leading men of yore, but he’ll always be remembered for taking Devine Brown downtown.

There’s another saying, slightly older than Boaduce’s, but equally as potent: “nobody forgets where they buried the hatchet.”
As Christian as it sounds to forgive and forget, we have human limitations. God may forgive your sins, but as mortals, we lack the ability to truly forget.  To me, forgiveness without forgetting is hollow.  If someone claims they forgive you, but they throw the deed/words/actions in your face whenever they need to illustrate a point, their forgiveness was really no more than a conciliatory gesture.

So what’s the moral of this post?  Don’t hire transvestite hookers?  That’s probably a pretty good rule to live by, but I think it’s even more simple than that.  Think twice, and be nice, and generally, don’t suck… because if there’s one takeaway from all this self-righteous pontification, it’s Danny Partridge’s potently cogent words…

It ain’t like you can un-suck.

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  1. 08/20/2010 11:14 am

    that is not true… I un-suck all the time. I did it this morning on a wave… I almost fell on the take off ( sucked ) … regained composure…. hit the lip and bam down the line for 75 yards of sure bliss = un-sucked it ( feels a lot like a fast cocaine binge without the guilt after your done )

    Oh wait you mean un-suck… un-suck….. no no you can’t do that. That is painfully ( in his case ) or not seared into your psyche for life.

    brilliant, simple and hilarious all at the same time.
    Thanks Bush, made me laugh

    • 08/20/2010 1:07 pm

      That dude’s pretty frickin’ nuts. There’s a story where he took a hammer to one of his daughter’s toys to make a point. I’ve theatened to do the same, but I don’t have it in me.

      Thanks for the props. Nice wave.

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