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a rod*


Alex Rodriguez's 600th Home Run Ball

Someone said that A-Rod’s #600 is not a real number… I like that.

But if that’s the case, none of the numbers are real.  The sport isn’t real. The whole league was* juiced.

You can’t go back and re-do history.  You can asterisk by it, but it illegitimizes the sport. Baseball and Selig are at fault here.  When you engender an epidemic by turning your collective bobble heads, you de-facto endorse the behavior.

Move on with baseball, and stop beating this dead horse, which is kind of ironic because some of the juice was purported to be of the equine variety.

I’m just glad I don’t have to be on “#600 Watch” anymore.  I thought “Stormwatches” in So. Cal. were ridiculous.  This perpetual grandstanding is sickening.  They are way more Carrie Bradshaw than Terry Bradshaw. Lebron and his “The Decision” press conference.  Farve and his vacillations.   I feel like a husband standing outside of a dressing room having to field the same inane question “does this retirement make me look fat?”  My answer: yes… or no.  I don’t care.  Just make a decision and move on.

Likewise, baseball needs to forge ahead and forget about annotating every record with a star-shaped figure (*).  Having said that, A-Rod couldn’t have a more befitting nick name.  He is truly a rod.

And here’s my asterisk for this post: *I say the whole league “was” juiced because the MLB homerun leader, Jose Bautista, has 33 thus far.  He had 8 last year.  Somebody check his Gatorade.  I think I heard him whinny on his last trip around the bases.

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  1. 08/05/2010 12:39 pm

    I make it simple. I’ve been watching A-Rod’s “Rod” for a few years now, hanging to the left, right, middle, etc. It’s just simpler that way. I don’t care how many HR he has or how many skanks he has in his private box. I just watch the Rod’s rod.

    • 08/05/2010 12:56 pm

      You should follow NASCAR. There’s a “Dick Trickle.” You could watch him/it.

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