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Defendor… I Hardly Know Her…


…It’s not just a cheap Gaucho Marx punchline.  You may barely know this movie, Defendor, but you should.  

It’s about a delusional man who thinks himself a super hero.  Turns out, this marble throwing, duct-tape-logo-ed, good-hearted man may just be.  Defendor is the over-thinking man’s Iron Man. Anybody incapable of suspending belief for big-budget superheros may find authenticity in Defendor.

It’s easy to root for the conflicted superhero that has all the powers to do things we mere mortals could never do.  Turns out, it’s even easier to root for the superhero who doesn’t have money, genetics, or even common sense on their side.  Defendor, like other superheros, has deep emotional scars that make him do what he does.  But unlike the Marvel comic protagonists, this cape-less crusader does not have any super gifts… unless you consider unmitigated courage super-human.  In today’s world, I know I do.

Defendor is a good movie, with an even better message. Because it has had zero marketing, you stand a good chance of finding this little gem at a Redbox near you. Though darkly funny in parts, it’s one that your kids could grab on to.  There are some mature themes of drugs and guns, so maybe not for the little ones.  I’m not sure what’s appropriate for who at this stage.  Up until now, Jack has been watching The Family Guy… now that he might get some of the jokes, perhaps it’s time to curtail that… Sorry Stewie.

After two of two reviews in favor of a Harrelson film, you might say I have a thing for Woody… You would not be wrong.   The last movie I saw at the theater was Toy Story 3 with Woody as the hero too…

Woody Harrelson is obviously not not getting blockbuster roles, but at least he is making some great choices as an actor;  He’s doing some small films, but good films.  So, go ahead, rent Woody. Watch Woody. Enjoy your Woody… If, however, your Woody persists longer than four hours, contact your doctor.

Video Trailer for Defendor

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