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What the Dodgers have taught me…


The USA Today ANAHEIM, Calif. dateline reads “Joe Torre is running out of patience and the Dodgers’ so-called ‘kids’ are running out of chances.”

Well, I would add that they are running themselves out of games… literally.
Last night, the Dodgers made several errors, one in particular on the base paths that cemented their fifth straight loss to the Angels.

  • In the third inning, Kemp blasted a double deep to center.  If Manny Ramirez was going faster than a brisk walk, he scores easily.
  • In the forth inning, Furcal rushed, then bobbled a slow roller where there would have been a play at the plate. Tori Hunter was safe at first. Frandsen scored.
  • In the 5th, H. Kendrick grounded out to shortstop, M. Napoli scored.  Furcal’s throwing error lengthened that inning.
  • And in the 9th inning, Kemp made the second out getting picked off at second.
  • Then, Russell Martin made a cardial sin (Dodger, actually) and got picked off rounding second before the run could score.  That run would have tied the game.  Instead, his blunder ended it.  The runner also assumed it was an easy score… Had he been going Pete Rose (all out, all the time), Martin’s mental error may have only ended the inning…

Instead of dwelling on the Dodgers vs. Angels debate (I still contend that their fandom is not mutually exclusive), I’ve chosen to find the good in the “error of the Dodger ways.”

This will serve as a lesson.  Not to the Dodgers, but to other little leaguers.  According to a friend that attended the game, there were a lot of “teachable moments,” no matter what side of the color spectrum (red or blue) you land.  So kids, if you’re reading this, don’t do that.  There… That’s your lesson.

As for me, what do I take from it?  The Dodgers got outplayed and made some Bushleage (pun lamented) decisions.  And it pains me.  I can’t have a conversation with an Angel fan who won’t tell me how terrible Dodger fans are.  I sit and listen to Angel fans mercilessly gloat at the expense of the real Los Angeles team.

So what have the Dodgers taught me?  Patience, some restraint and too much humility of late.  Well, they haven’t taught me it so much as they’ve crammed it down my throat.


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