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How Do I Love The Lakers, Let me Quantitate the Ways


My License Plate Since 2000

I’ve got really bad news.  The sputtering economy has made an indelible mark on sports.  Lakers court-side seats were only going for $54,055… each!

Those idiots aside, it has really trickled down to the heartland.  How do I mean?  Well, if you read my previous post, I’ve been struggling with Celtics fanatics and their incessant trash talking…  Incessant may be the wrong word unless “incessant” means unceasing, constant, continuous EXCEPT after a Boston loss. I think I was going for “annoying.”

I love to see if these front-runners… err… fans are willing to “put their money where their mouths are.” Well, because of the state of economic affairs, many can’t back their bark with bucks.  So these are the non-and-small-money bets I have on the books so far, and indecently, are quantitative proof of my love of The Los Angeles Lakers. 

The Stakes

Celtics Apologist

4 Hours Community Service @delicatejade, Twitter friendJade
Eat Two Raw Eggs, Film it , and Post it on Facebook Chris, Facebook Friend, Crap-Talker
$2 [payable in $2 bill minted in the year of the bicentennial (1976)].

Randy, Facebook Friend, Delusional Old Man.
Round of Golf at Westridge Golf Club Blair (who who won’t pay even if he loses and there’s not much I can do about it) reference his photo. 

So the Cetlics are 7.5-point dogs tomorrow night.  I’ve got the Lakers by 12.  How confident am I?  I’ve got 4 hours, $2 dollars, 2 eggs and 18 holes on it.

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  1. Carolyn permalink
    06/17/2010 8:23 am

    You need to pay your DMV registration fees . You’re 8 years delinquent.

    • 06/17/2010 8:27 am

      You don’t miss a thing. I figured that if I wait ’til next year, I could “Sharpie” the second zero to “1.”

  2. DelicateJade permalink
    06/25/2010 1:16 am


    I think Celtics lost BAD considering they had a good lead at one point. It was a hard loss but the hours will go to a good cause. 😉

    I’ll keep my word and report back!

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