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The Bush Name Disgraced (Again)


I’ve embarrassed my wife several times at her Christmas parties, other social gatherings, and probably even instances on these very pages.  But that’s not what this disgrace this is about.

President Bush Sr. said some embarrassing things, and the second Bush’s term was littered with mis-speaks, inadvertent innuendos and basic buffoonery.   Still, these are not those Bushes.

This post is about Reggie Bush, and how he has managed to disgrace the most prolific football program in the last decade.  USC will forfeit all games from their undefeated 2004 season. They will likely give up their National Championship from that year, and will lose bowl eligibility for the next two years.  They will also lose 30 scholarships, but that’s OK because half of the incoming freshmen who have declared for USC will now want to go elsewhere… Perhaps somewhere else in the Pac-10 like UCLA or Texas (boy, that’s weird).

USC Sad Face Emoticon

This whole incident stems from $280K in “improper benefits” Reggie Bush and family received from some bush-league agent.  The sad thing for USC is that Reggie Bush could have made this whole thing go away if he would have just dealt with the agent himself.  i.e., buy the agent off for a couple hundred thousand in advance of the NCAA investigation.  Instead, Bush is coming off a Super Bowl winning season, and is on the tail end (see insert) of a $60 million contract.  He is likely to keep his Heisman Trophy; the Downtown Athletic Club awards that, not the NCAA. Oh, and he’s living the Hollywood lifestyle, hanging with Hollywood types and reality stars.

The Trojans coach Pete Carroll also defected to the NFL in anticipation of the sanctions, though he says otherwise.

There are so many issues with college football and this decision:

  • These players make most of the money for these schools, funding many of the other sports because of title 9.  Pac-10 schools make approximately $22 million per year (why Texas and others are coming); Bowl games can garner up to an extra $20 million.  Aren’t the players entitled to some of that cash?
  • What happened to USC and Bush is not unique.  It’s just the one that made enough noise for the NCAA to launch an investigation.
  • What happens to these agents and boosters who entice these 18-year old phenoms?  Nothing.  It needs to be made a federal crime to tamper with a non-professional collegiate athlete.
  • But this really comes down to how society dotes on these athletes.  They’re pampered, and are basically told that they are not like other students.  From priority registration and “tutors” to free houses and Range Rovers.  They are taught that they are above rules, regulations, and often, the law.  When they get to the NFL, it gets even worse.

Good news is USC has a law school, and they are disputing the decisions of the NCAA; likely, some of the remunerations will be reduced.  Better news is I can jump on a bandwagon like no other.  I will dust off my UCLA cap or my Longhorns jersey while USC stumbles for the next few years.  We Bushes, however, will have to wait until Jackson Bush is sporting age to recover our good name.

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  1. Terri Bush permalink
    06/10/2010 7:16 pm

    You can jump on the LSU bandwagon Cuz!

  2. Carolyn permalink
    06/12/2010 10:11 am

    Go JACK !!

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