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Never Work with kids or Animals


This is Not Jackson Bush

I hear my wife in the next room imploring my Jackson to say something cute on the phone.  Of course, it’s followed by silence… two seconds of shameful, awkward silence [sounds like my wedding night… (rimshot!)].

Whether it’s a cross-country rendition of “happy birthday” or a simple “hello,” he is usually misses his cues.  My favorite is when he waves to the other person on the phone, which, of course, requires narration and assurances that my kid is not slow.

Threre’s a Laura Kightlinger bit where she makes up a child on a phone conversation because all her friends have kids and she doesn’t.  She beckons her “child,” and goes through the painstaking motions to get her to “say hi…” “Suzie, say hi”  “say hi, Suzie” “Suzie, say Hi” “Suzie, Suzie…” of course the fictional child never does and she has to apologize to to whomever is on the other side of the phone.

It’s pretty much the same result with a real kid.

We’ve also got the webcam/Skype thing… That works a little better, but then I have to deal with technology issues with two septuagenarians (Mom, I know you’re only 69, but the term for 60s is sexagenarian and that’s just weird).

So the old adage holds true, at least for kids and phones… and old people and Facebook/Skype/Twitter/etc.

Oh, and if you see Laura, please make sure to tell her to tell Suzie I said “Hi.”

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  1. Carolyn permalink
    06/08/2010 10:17 am

    By the time he’s 5 you won’t be able to pry your phone from his little hands. He will talk for hours. By the time he’s 9 he’ll be begging you for a phone of his own. And by the time he’s 10 you’ll cave and get him one.

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