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The Tweet Smell of Success


So I had a blog thing to attend on Sunday, and I made some Twitter cookies.  That wasn’t exactly the plan; I did the “fly and buy,” and my lovely wife was going to do the “make and bake.”  I went to the store to get the icing, cookie dough and food coloring.  And when I returned, I “discovered” that I bought the wrong kind of dough, clearly because I refuted my wife’s attempts to ply me with a formal list (who knew they made a roll-able cookie dough variety?).

This “cookie doh!”  myopia made me the subject of her yelling.  I countered with hollering of my own.  She stormed off, and apologies ensued.  Stoically, I tackled the dough myself.   With rolling pin, a cookie cutout and various epicurean accouterments, I turned my kitchen into a sugar-cookie war zone.

But this story is not without a happy ending.  Ten little birdies made it from kitchen to class-room (actually Marcy’s house).

I will not, however, confirm or deny the rumor that each cookie was 140 calories or less.

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  1. 06/08/2010 11:14 am

    I had no clue the cookies were for us! I would have eaten like 6 and taken the rest home!! REALLY!!


  1. I teach people stuff. Stop laughing. I do. | The Glamorous Life Association

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