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Social ‘Not’working


My thumbs are a Twitter.
My Face is a Book.
I’m easily read,
With a poke or a Look.

My attention, diverted,
My work is diluted.
Productivity averted,
My day’s so convoluted.

My story is a Buzz,
Delicious to share,
A Digg on my life,
This evil digital lair.

I log-in, download,
and hope there’s no error.
Trapped by cell towers,
Chased by Foursquare.

I’m tweeting, I’m blogging
Facebooking and sharing.
While work is waiting
For someone who’s caring

Away from the keyboard,
There’s a portable pest,
Replying, SMSing,
Accepting friend requests.

My productivity, sucked,
Caught in this Hex,
Enraptured by this,
Electronic vortex.

I cannot get away,
There’s always something lurking.
I’m a slave to the day.
of social networking.

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