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Apple: The New Gestapo


Apple is the New Gestapo.  Apple exec loses his phone, and they send a task force to retrieve it?  They broke down the front door of Gizmodo editor.  How much did it cost our bankrupt state to retrieve cameras, phones and computers all because some irresponsible Apple engineer lost it… At a bar? This “REACT” unit is set up to thwart high-tech crimes.  You know, internet scams, credit card fraud, hacking crimes, online child-safety issues, wire fraud and, yeah, a dude who lost his phone.  This isn’t national security for effing sake… It’s a phone!

This comes on top of yesterday’s news.  A guy got a “lifetime ban” from buying an iPads from Apple for buying too many of them.

Let’s just think about what would happen if you called the police to tell them you lost your “prototype” phone.  You wouldn’t get much more than a police report.  Now, think about how it would go over if you decided to refuse service to someone telling them something capricious like “I”m sorry sir. You are not allowed to buy this widget,” meanwhile the patron next to him is purchasing two.

On top of that, Apple sensors its forums, removing negative feedback, and they also decide what content you can access on their devices.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but there are some civil liberties being egregiously breached.   The enemy has been spotted, and he’s wearing a black turtle neck.

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  1. 04/27/2010 1:44 pm

    Sweet photoshop.
    But um calling Steve Jobs Hitler MIGHT upset some people.

    Like people who drank the kool-aide.

    Just sayin.


  2. 04/27/2010 1:53 pm

    Not Photoshop… He’s actually wearing the mock-T! …and I did not call him Hitler. I merely insinuated it. But seriously, a task force? Totally redonk.

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