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What’s Going on in My Brain?


Random Regurgitation on Tax Day… but Mostly Sports Musings.

  • Dodgers may have tied the game on a “Bad News” throwing error, won the game on another Ethier walk-off RBI and stayed in the game because of a deep-center Kemp blast, but they are still a bat and an arm short.
  • Yankees are not to be trifled with… The best team money can buy; it disgusts me.
  • Tim Gunn seems like a nice guy (this post is about balance).
  • I hope tax guy filed extension today.
  • Lakers have a very tough road ahead of them.  People forget how narrowly Lakers won some of the Western Conference games last year.  Utah was no match, but they are now.  Houston took them to 7 games in the second round.  Arizza made a two steals late in games in round 3 against the Thuggets that could have changed that 4-2 series around had he not.  Our only hope is that the Eastern teams are so beaten up by the time the get to the finals, that the Lakers breeze through again (they won in 5 against Orlando).  My guess is that it won’t be so easy IF they even get that far.  Their play of late does not instill confidence.  Again, the Lakers’ guards made the Clippers’ Steve Blake look like Steve Nash in their regular-season swan song.  Russell Westbrook is going to look like actual lightning for the Thunder.  Oh, and there’s that other guy the scoring champion, Kevin Durant.  He might be a problem too.
  • The NHL playoffs started today (that’s hockey).  In a related story, the Bonnie Hunt show was canceled.  Both of these seemingly unrelated occurrences are in that I like both Bonnie Hunt and hockey in principal, but their absence or presence have  absolutely no bearing on my life.
  • I’m getting old.  I’d rather go to Stagecoach than Coachella.

You are now excused from my brain; please leave the beer… As you were.

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  1. 04/16/2010 5:48 am

    All I got was blah blah blah…Bonnie Hunt….blah blah blah.

    and I am taking the beer.

  2. Steve Bush permalink*
    04/16/2010 12:58 pm


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