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The Greatest Game Ever Played vs. The Worst Dance Ever Danced


“Know your audience.” It’s a primary canon of journalism.  I watch a lot of sports, and I have many strong opinions on them…  and now, I know nobody cares about them…

Good news is I am a renaissance man, because in addition speaking cogently on the ills of the Lakers and the woes of the Dodgers, I can wax reality-TV with the best of you “better-halves.”

Last night, I posted twice on the biggest night college sports. The first was a subtle, ironic post highlighting how perennial favorite Duke is also getting calls... Crickets.

The second was a witticism hoisted at Duke’s coach who had all but forsaken his own former player, Christian Laettner, who made the biggest shot in what was, up until Coach K’s post-game comments, considered “The Greatest College Game Ever Played.” More crickets, 1 “like.”

Then, I make one absurd, flippant comment about how Kate (less Jon and “the eight”) can’t dance…  A Facebook windfall:  3 “likes,” 11 comments, and a couple personal messages.

So, in light of the Facebook evidence, I think there will be more posts about how American Idol’s Andrew Garcia is a doppelganger for Kim Jong-Il, or how Ramona on the Real Housewives of NYC looks like rabid squirrel, or how I plan to “suvee” all my Salmon, in an ode to Top Chef, than posts on Kobe’s low-post game.

Ladies, I write for you.

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  1. Jennifer Espinoza permalink
    04/06/2010 4:33 pm

    Does that mean no more sports posts? Whoopee! It’s about time a man paid attention to my needs, journalistically speaking of course.

  2. 04/06/2010 5:12 pm

    Now why dontcha appeal to both Sports and Entertainment Tonight. Test the water with a status of:

    “Reggie Bush broke up with Kim Kardashian due to her constant need to be in the spotlight. At least that’s what she said at her press conference.”

  3. 04/06/2010 5:20 pm

    Funny Kath.

  4. 04/06/2010 6:35 pm

    Steve you have always been about the ladies. Like always. This whole sport thing is just a fad. I am just waiting for it to blow over.


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