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Blogger… I barely know her (My First Blog Post!)

  • Welcome to The Bush Report!  Here’s a little insight on how much I know about web protocol.  I’m not so sure how to change that chick on the left drinking coffee [coffee girl is now gone thanks to my fairy blogmother] or even how to insert a return carriage. I’m feeling like the old man yelling “get off my lawn,” which, by the way, was my first choice for this site’s name (taken).
  • Also, I’m sort of embarrassed that this will be my first post.   Especially since I made such a big deal about doing it… this blog has been in the works for several months… and when I say, “in the works,” I mean just bouncing around my skull innards replacing other useless information.  So all that waiting and planning for this unrehearsed mental regurgitation… disappointing to say the least.  Kind of like someone’s first sexual experience… not mine, of course.
  • What’s the blog about?  That’s yet to be determined, but it will likely have tabs for TV/Movies, Sports, Real Estate, and General Snark.  I should mention, that the “asked and answered” line of questioning that leads off this paragraph is a personal pet peeve of mine, so I see already I’m breaking my own rules.
  • Please know that I will welcome and encourage comments, but I reserve the right to delete your thoughts if they a) hurt my precious feelings, or more importantly, b) are funnier than mine.  I may add a feature wherein I red-line edit posters’ comments for punctuation and grammar, so post with extreme caution. Then again, this endeavor may be more short-lived than that big chick from Precious’ movie career.
  • But, in any case, I’m glad you came.  A wise woman told me “If you build it, they will come.”  OK, she didn’t steal James Earl Jones’ line.  She was a little more poetic with her “Get a fricken blog please,” but it was inspiration, none the less.  Thank you Marcy, and careful what you wish (read: demand) for.  <– Ending a sentence with a preposition, yet another peeve.  So there it is… There are no rules.  No shoes or shirts required.  Just pull up a chair, swipe an index finger or bury me in your RSS feed (still not real sure what the heck that is) and plunder into the madness that is me… and with that, “The Bush Report” has officially launched… where do I pick up my checks?
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  1. 03/31/2010 6:49 pm

    Pure genius.
    Even your nonsensical babble is awesome. And by nonsensical I mean ‘very well thought out’.
    But let me throw this out there: writing for a blog is not like writing for Mrs. Giotta in Honors English. We crazy bloggers do not stick to the whole ‘English has rules’ thing. We mix it up. We start and end sentences with prepositions. We use random commas and semi-colons with reckless abandon. We do it…because we can. Oh sure you can be old school and actually write like ah…well, like a WRITER. Which will be sure to make us all look bad (no doubt you will enjoy)
    So happy you did this.
    Now keep going.

  2. 04/01/2010 6:04 pm

    Congrats! And let me know about that redline thing. I LOVE that idea. There’s yet another annoying blogger antigrammar–ALL CAPS FOR HYPERBOLE.

  3. 04/05/2010 7:45 pm

    CONGRATS! I’m glad you took the plunge, better to just DO IT and get the ball rolling!

    Another one of my blog favs – use italics when being sarcastic – Marcy favors the strikeout.

    happy bloggin to ya!

  4. 04/05/2010 9:58 pm

    Thank you all for the encouragement!

  5. 04/26/2010 7:46 pm

    Congrats on your blog. I’m sure it will be humorous!

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